Nerd….one of the most stereotypical words around. But what makes one? Is it the attire worn accompanied by the overexposed, thick eyeglasses or do the suspenders set them apart? What if I told you each “nerd” is staring you in the face everyday. That “nerd” has the latest pair of J’s on, or wears a Smart Watch, or is Standing in line for a mid night release video game, or coding away at the next big web app. The nerd is YOU!!! But Nerdz Affiliated breaks the stereotype of what one truly is. Maybe you just have tons if knowledge about cars, fashion, electronics, or games. No matter what your interest or vice is, at Nerdz Affiliated we want your input. Your knowledge can be someone’s lesson or answer, so share it! This blog is for anyone who wants to share their thoughts ir knowledge in any specific area you enjoy. Everyone loves to learn new things and ways to improve projects and such. So share it! The mold of a nerd is broken and lies in each of us. Release your knowledge at Nerdz Affiliated, a place where judging is not an option.