Sony Considering Reputation System for PS4 Players

Sony is reportedly considering the possibility of introducing a PS4 user reputation system, among other new features.

The user rating system was mentioned in a survey sent to select customers by Sony, according to VGX.

As well as a reputation system, the survey asks respondents to rate the attractiveness of a number of potential features. They include an advanced matchmaking system, cross-chat and synchronisation of messages across PlayStation platforms, the ability to change PlayStation usernames, the capability to party chat with more than eight people at once, and the ability to appear invisible when online.

An upcoming PS4 update will improve the console’s sharing and streaming options, while Sony also intends to enable users to dim the DualShock 4’s colour-changing lightbar.

Meanwhile, Infamous studio Sucker Punch recently claimed that support for pre-loading digital PS4 games will be introduced in April.

In late March, Microsoft detailed its new Xbox Live reputation system for Xbox One. The three tier system covers ‘Good’ players, ‘Needs Work’ ones, and ‘Avoid Me’ players, who may be subject to penalties like “reduced matchmaking pairings” and bans from “certain privileges such as Twitch broadcasting”.


[Credit: Computer and Video Games, Writer: Tom Ivan]
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