Sony survey hints at possible PlayStation 4 features

Cross-platform chat! Player reputation system!

A new survey sent out to PlayStation 4 owners hints at features Sony is considering adding to the platform.


Sony’s questionnaire (posted online by VGXNetwork) includes suggestions for cross-platform chat with users on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, as well as the option to party chat with more than eight people at once.

Several features already available on Xbox One are also listed – the ability to change your PlayStation Network username, for example, or to be logged in and online but remain invisible to other users.

Sony also appears to be considering a player reputation system based on users’ ratings of other players – a feature Microsoft recently trumpeted the arrival of for its own system.

Those who respond to the survey can rate each of these options on a scale from “very appealing” to “very unappealing”.

Other possible additions include an “advanced matchmaking system” to better pair you with players at your skill level or players you might prefer, and on-screen notifications for when your friends come online – a feature headed to Xbox One in an upcoming update.

[Credit: Eurogamer, Writer: Tom Phillips]


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