Xbox One + PlayStation 4 = the PlayBox

So what happens when you take a Xbox One and a Playstation 4 and you perform a Trunks and Goten fusion you ask!?

Well console modder Ed Zarick, did just that with his latest creation the PlayBox.  Which consist of an Xbox One + Playstation 4 stuffed into the base, paired to a large 22-inch display.

“The PS4 sits on the left hand side of the unit, and the Xbox One is on the right side,”  The whole unit still only takes one power cord (must be plugged in) and only one unit can be powered on at the same time.

This system took a lot of attempts and reconfiguring to make everything fit and still some things had to be compromised to make the system work, for example it was impossible to get the USB ports on the Xbox to be extended to the outside of the case. But the unit does offer Ethernet ports for both units (WiFi for both units also works), along with HDMI Out.”



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