Spotify: Now Free on any Device

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

Spotify is setting its mobile app free.

The streaming music service said Wednesday that it would allow anyone on an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone to use its app free of charge. The new service launches Wednesday. Previously, users could only listen to Spotify’s desktop or browser-based program for free, and only premium members who paid $10 a month had access to the service through other devices.

The move marks a change in Spotify’s business and could expand its potential base of listeners. The lack of a free mobile app has been an inhibitor of the company’s growth, and filling that void could help it keep its growth momentum going.

The tablet app works just like the desktop version, giving you access to specific select tracks.

The smartphone app, however, doesn’t work exactly like the PC service. Users can access their playlists and music albums, but they have to scroll through their lists randomly using a “Shuffle Play” button. Users can’t pick the exact song they want to play right away, and will have to shuffle through their playlists.

“This is the way the next generation will build their music library,” said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. “It’s not about purchasing one song or other. it’s about adding it to a collection.”


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