Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Looking to have some of the most brutal action yet

So i’m a huge Assassin Creed fan, and tend to get pretty excited every year when game play and footage of the new chapter in the series is shown.  Black Flag was probably my most recent fave, as Assassin Creed: Unity just delivered me headaches with all of it’s glitches and bugs being riddled through out the game.

I will say after looking at many of these previews and trailers for the new Assassin Creed Syndicate.  They seem to be presenting us with two new highly skilled assassins, who are taking down their target in some pretty awesome, action pack combat scenes(grant it, it is CGI. But hey).

7-13-2015 2-03-11 PM

Also being Assassin Creed : Syndicate want have a multiplayer, I hoping to get a well rounded and improved single player Assassin Creed again.




Nerdz, whats your favorite installment in the Assassin Creed series, and how will Assassin Creed Syndicate stack up?



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