Cha Ching!$!$! Modern Warfare brought in that cheddar!

In just 3-days Modern Warfare has sold more units in its first three days than any other Call of Duty has this console generation.

Modern Warfare has brought in $600 million in sell-through revenue in its first three days of launch, a figure that echoes back to the glory days of the series to some extent. With that figure comes the following stats and records that Activision is plugging in a new press release:

The three day total represents a larger sell-through than any Call of Duty title during this console generation.

  • It’s the top selling “premium” (ie. $60) game of 2019.
  • It’s the best digital opening in Activision history.
  • It’s the best-selling COD launch on PC ever.
  • It’s the most digitally pre-ordered game on PS4 ever.
  • It sold the most digital copies in three days on PS4 ever.
  • It has more total hours played and total players than any COD in six years.
  • And they want to point out that the $600 million “opening weekend” more than doubled the opening of Joker. Alright.

Source: Forbes

Photo credit: IGN twitter

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