Diablo 4 – Here what what know, “No offline mode”

Blizzard graced us with the announcement of Diablo 4. Blizzard Lead Designer said in a interview that The upcoming game will not have an offline mode and will require an internet connection;

Lead Designer Joe Shely followed up with 

 There is a massive, seamless, linked, and shared space in “Diablo 4” that would be best experienced in an online world

This now seemly will open up Diablo 4 as a MMO game. Introducing it’s players to a shared open world. Allowing players to interact with each other.

Players will be able to play a solo run, but it is not possible to play the game in offline mode. We learned during the BlizzCon 2019, that the upcoming game would showcase world events, PvP zones, and towns that will serve as social hubs.

As for the release date, Game Director Luis Bariga, made it pretty clear we’d be happening quite awhile before the game was released. by stating that “Diablo 4 is not coming out soon”.

Check out Blizzard’s official gameplay trailer and cinematic trailer below:

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