EA Hit With Another ‘Battlefield 4′ Lawsuit

It appears that, as things are slowly getting better for Battlefield 4, things are only getting worse for publisher Electronic Arts. Another lawsuit has been filed against the company, this one also citing the publisher’s enthusiasm for DICE‘s sequel did not align with the end product’s reception.

Ultimately, the two lawsuits are very similar, with both claiming that Electronic Arts’ sales projections, and other statements regarding Battlefield 4, did not represent the company’s full knowledge. These plaintiffs believe EA was well aware there were significant problems with Battlefield 4, and misled their investors with false praise for the product.



As we all know, Battlefield 4 has been a very touchy subject among gamers these past few weeks. So much so that DICE halted all future DLC development in order to put all of their focus on fixing the broken multiplayer experience.

Moreover, DICE has taken strides to improve the experience on past-gen and current-gen platforms – they even released an Xbox One update this week – but gamers are still reporting problems getting into and then staying in multiplayer matches. The game itself is actually pretty good – read our review – it’s just hard to tell when you can’t play it for more than 20 minutes at a time.

On the investors’ side, things have been equally troubling as EA’s stock has fallen more than 28 points in the period between July 24, 2013 and December 4, 2013. This has prompted the lawsuits, which claim, in addition to the false projections, that EA was well aware of certain bugs in Battlefield 4, bugs that have reared their head since launch.

Since the two lawsuits, EA has come out with an official statement saying they“intend to aggressive defend ourselves, and we’re confident the court will dismiss the complaint in due course.” It’s unclear how much of a case either of these suits has, but there’s no denying Battlefield 4 has been disappointing. It’s just a question of whether EA knew the game was going to disappoint.

Do you think this class action lawsuit has any chance of succeeded? Do you believe EA was aware Battlefield 4 was less-than-ideal?


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[Source: Business Wire]
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