Mystery BioWare New IP Gets A Second Teaser Trailer

Bioware has released a new teaser trailer for their new IP , the trailer is titled ‘Spark.  As appeared on BioWare’s “You’ve Been Chosen” website.  It’s slightly longer than the previous  “Nightmare” video they released last week, but unfortunately it’s not any more informative.


A young man sits alone at a table in an empty diner, drawing circles on a napkin with a black marker. It is nighttime, and raining. His phone rings. The caller is unknown; he ignores it. It immediately rings again, and again he dismisses the call. Then a third time, and now he’s annoyed. Why won’t this person leave him alone?

Suddenly, lightning! Zappo-KABLAM! Beef fried rice everywhere!

The hooded stranger watches.

(Previous trailer that was released)

What do you think Nerdz, what do you make of these two mysterious trailers?  What type of game is this Bioware has up it’s sleeve?

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