New ‘Titanfall’ Classes Revealed: Meet the ‘Ogre’ and the ‘Stryder’



Titanfall’s developer Respawn Entertainment surprised the VGX 2013 audience, with revealing new  Titan types for the game.

the Ogre and the Stryder. Both Titanfall mechs cater to a different play style, but each is presumably formidable in combat.

The Ogre (seen in the trailer above) is a more hulking Titan type, boasting stronger armor and weapons. That weapon selection includes a shoulder mounted rocket launcher good for taking out multiple enemies at a time. However, with denser armor comes a heavier chassis, which makes the Ogre slower than the standard Titan class seen in most of the game’s trailers.


The Stryder however, is a lighter and faster class of Titan. The Stryder is the lightest, and therefore the quickest, Titan available in Titanfall.


As the trailer above shows, the Stryder also has a dash ability, which lets it skit around the battlefield in order to better flank its much slower enemies. The Stryder isn’t without its weaknesses, though, primarily weaker armor.


The Xbox and PC exclusive, Titanfall is shaping up to be one of next year’s biggest titles, and clearly there’s more to the game that Respawn has yet to reveal.



[Source: Game Rant, GameTrailers]


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