Out On iOS & Android: Heroes of Dragon Age

Dragon Age: Inquisition might be in the distance, but fans of EA and BioWare’s dark fantasy series can get their fix on the go. EA has released the free-to-play Heroes of Dragon Age on iOS and Android devices.

The title covers a number of major events in Thedas’ history, with five different battles in each. The title uses a traditional free-to-play energy model, meaning you’ll have to rest or pay to continue playing.

Parties are made of collected heroes of different rarities, but combat plays out automatically. On the surface, Heroes of Dragon Age looks like it has deeper opportunities for RPG tactics, but those elements are automated.

The strategy comes from assembling a squad, placing them in formation, and trying to create a team with like-colored faction emblems for a bonus. The monetization model is blind-buy, so you never know what kind of hero you’ll be adding to your roster.

Nerdz you  can give it a try for yourself on iOS and Android right now.

Download for iOS here

Download for Android here


(Credit: Game Informer)


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