Microsoft Has ‘Renewed Focus’ in PC Gaming, More Details Coming this Summer


Over the past few months gamers have heard a lot about how Microsoft has rededicated to the PC space as far as gaming is concerned. But so far, Microsoft’s claims have been rooted in a kind of nebulous proposition, a hopeful proclamation that PC fans will be pleased by what the company has in store for them.

While we know some big PC-focused announcements are likely in our future, thus far it’s only been teases from Microsoft…and that has not changed. Speaking at GDC late last week, Microsoft‘s Phil Spencer once again echoed sentiments that the company is focused on PC gaming, but didn’t highlight exactly how.

Spencer’s quotes come courtesy of Polygon, who were on hand for Spencer’s GDC talk and to interview him post-panel regarding his earlier statements. During his panel, Spencer spent some time discussing the success of Valve and the potential of SteamOS and Steam Machines. But don’t expect Microsoft to follow a similar path; rather, Spencer admires what Valve has done for PC gaming, but he doesn’t see Microsoft trying to compete with them.

“I think Valve’s an incredible company,” Spencer said. “They’ve been the backbone of PC gaming for the last decade, and as the Windows company, I appreciate what they’ve done. They have, in a lot of ways, focused more on PC gaming than we have…You will see more focus from us — not to go compete with what Valve has done, but because we also understand as the platform holder it’s important for us to invest in the platform in a real way. We’re fundamentally committed to that.”

So what exactly does a renewed focus mean? What can PC gamers expect from Microsoft in the future? Well, that isn’t exactly clear, but Spencer suggests we could be in for some PC-focused reveals at this year’s E3.

“We’ve got to have this message out in a thoughtful way [within the next few] months and not anything more than that. It’s in the real near term. This is something that we’re working on now… because we want to be clear on it.”

We have heard that Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference will be loaded with games, so it only makes sense that they throw a few nods the PC’s way. In fact, considering the Xbox One‘s architecture is similar to that of a mid-level gaming PC, we might see Microsoft reveal new games that launch on both current-gen console and PC.

This summer will also be ground zero for new announcements regarding Games for Windows Live, or rather how Microsoft plans to evolve that concept after shutting down the initial incarnation this year. Again, gamers are going to have to wait to find out what exactly Spencer means when he says that, but the teaser groundwork has certainly been laid out.

It appears once again that E3 2014 will be ground zero for Microsoft, both in terms of exciting Xbox One announcements and now some PC announcements as well. But the bigger question is whether those announcements (Halo 5, the next Gears of War, etc.) will cover both platforms.

How would you like to see Microsoft refocus on PC gaming? If they announced franchises like Halo and Gears are headed to PC would that change your perception of the Xbox One?



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