Whoooo Look at this Goodie! Prototype game bundle released today

Surprise Xbox One Nerdz!  The plague-ridden open world games Prototype and Prototype 2 have been given a stealth relaunch on Xbox One today.


7-14-2015 9-46-20 AM

I must say I was a fan of the first Prototype, and pretty must cleared that game.  But never got around to playing Prototype 2, although many of my friends said they enjoy the continued morphing action in the game.




This is a pretty good deal for those new to the series and those like me that need to catch up on the series.  The Biohazard Bundle is $49.99, I may just have to scoop this one up.  There was nothing like snatching a helicopter from the sky to hulk smash 🙂






7-14-2015 9-43-34 AM




For my PS4 Nerdz I wouldn’t sweat it too long, it’s shouldn’t be long before  your version appears.  Being that Trophies for a PS4 edition popped up online last month.





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