‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Ep.2 Trailer & Release Date

After a dramatic conclusion to its first season, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead kicked off season 2 with young orphan Clementine as the playable character, older and wearier and trying to survive in a very unkind world. After being separated from the last remaining member of the original season 1 group, Clementine wandered the woods for a while, met a nice doggy and eventually came across a house full of cagey and distrustful strangers.

The trick to enjoying Telltale’s episodic games is to learn the art of patience. In the case of The Wolf Among Us, nearly four months passed between the release of the first episode and the second, and it’s been over two months since the release of The Walking Dead season 2, episode 1, ‘All That Remains.’ Nonetheless, the studio has been promising that the next instalment is “just around the corner,” and has now put a date on that promise. 

A new trailer has been released for episode 2, ‘A House Divided,’ and Skybound has revealed that the episode will be available on PS3 and PC/Mac from March 4, with both of the season 2 episodes so far being released on Vita at the end of March. No official release dates have yet been announced for the Xbox 360 or iOS versions, but they will probably arrive shortly after the PS3 and PC/Mac versions.

Clementine in The Walking Dead season 2 episode 2

The trailer could be considered spoilerific due to the noticeable absence of Pete, but to those who have already played through episode one it was pretty clear that he probably wasn’t going to make it. This leaves Clementine, Alvin, Rebecca, Sarah, Carlos, Nick and Pete as the remaining group members, but given the grim tone of this trailer it’s highly possible that not all of them will make it all the way to the third episode.

The introduction of a new antagonist for the season, Carver, is also interesting in light of the fact that Clementine still doesn’t know much about the group she is travelling with. The way the trailer is edited strongly suggests that Carver is the man with whom Rebecca had an affair, and who may well be the father of her unborn baby. Is Carver really such a bad guy, or are the rest of the survivors hiding something from Clementine?

The Walking Dead season 2, episode 2, ‘A House Divided’ will be available on PS3, PC and Mac from March 4, 2014. Xbox 360 and iOS release dates are TBA.


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