Rumor: ‘Titanfall 2′ Publishing Rights Already Secured By EA

It’s hard to deny the impact Titanfall has had in the short time it’s been on the market. Despite some slight issues at launch, the reception it’s received has been extremely positive. While there is still no word on whether a sequel is in the works, after the game’s enormous success it would be foolhardy to think otherwise.

If and when a sequel does come to fruition, easily the largest question on gamers’ minds is whether the game will see life on other platforms. According to EA, the sequel to Titanfall going multiplatform is a definite possibility. This then brings to light the question of who would be involved in the project.Considering the original game’s success, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see Respawn Entertainment return as developer and according to a recent rumor, EA has already secured the publishing rights for Titanfall‘s sequel.



Allegedly, a reputable source has been in contact with GameSpot and has confirmed that Electronic Arts will be the publisher on Titanfall’s sequel. While exact sales details have yet to be released, the source says that the decision was based on the success of the title, which should come as little surprise considering the overwhelmingly positive reviews the game is receiving (check out our review). In fact, it almost seems like EA publishing Titanfall 2 should be a given, but the fact that the issue of publishing rights was up for discussion suggests that might not be the case.

Even though the launch was far from perfect, EA is clearly showing signs of improvement with Titanfall. If this trend is to be followed, then their status and funding could be of a worthy asset to Respawn as they gear up to continue the multiplayer-only franchise. For the cynics though, this could simply represent a point of apprehension that will likely persist up until the game’s eventual release.

Whether you support the notion of EA continuing to back the Titanfall series, it’s hard to ignore the immense amount of entertainment that the game packs. With a season pass worth of DLC on the way that could add new ambient alien creatures to contend with as well as improved stability, there’s a lot to be excited for as gamers await news of a sequel.

When a sequel is announced, do you think the same development and publishing teams will be involved? What would you most like to see implemented in terms of DLC?


Titanfall is available now for the Xbox One and PC and will arrive on Xbox 360 on April 8, 2014 in North America, and April 11, 2014 in Europe.


[Credit: Game Rant]

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