‘Titanfall Expedition’ DLC Unveiled: 3 New Maps, Releasing in May

Well before Titanfall actually hit the Xbox One and PC platforms, developer Respawn Entertainment had put into place plans to support their online-only multiplayer game through downloadable content. They promised that some of the post-release content – modes, updates, gameplay tweaks – would be free, while the more substantial additions, like new maps and (potentially) new Titans, would come at a cost. At the time, however, DLC details for Titanfall were hard to come by, as the focus was placed on the game’s core elements prior to launch.

Now that some time has passed since Titanfall‘s launch – on PC, Xbox One, and now Xbox 360 – Respawn is ready to talk DLC. In fact, they used their PAX East 2014 retrospective panel to announce the first expansion, titled Titanfall Expedition, and confirm its release for May of this year.

While details are fairly slim, we do know that Expedition will include three maps set after the story campaign of Titanfall. They are titled Swampland, Runoff, and War Games, and each will presumably offer a nice change of scenery for Titanfall players.

Swampland is the map highlighted in the promo art below, and, as the name implies, it will feature a dense, forest-like area set among the ruins of alien technology; Runoff is apparently a loosely connected extension of Swampland that features “pipes and water”; and War Games uses a Pilot/Titan training facility as its setting. Although Respawn did not confirm a price point for Titanfall Expedition, players can secure the pack right now by purchasing the $25 Season Pass.


Titanfall Expedition DLC Banner

In addition to paid DLC talk, Respawn also teased a few free additions to Titanfall, including a 2v2 variant for the Last Titan Standing mode, a hash tag system that will allow players to coordinate together (a la clans), new Burn Cards, and decals for a little extra Titan customization. They wouldn’t confirm any release dates for these new items, but promised they are all on the way.

While new bells and whistles for Titanfall should encourage players to jump back online, it was the promise of customizable modes by Respawn that caught our attention the most. Respawn wouldn’t commit to the idea, but they did tease that players might soon see variations on the game’s core modes like the 2v2 Last Titan Standing variant. Some of those modes will only appear for a week a two as part of a player test, but those that do find success will seemingly make it into the regular rotation.

For a game that is hoping to set a new precedent for online multiplayer, Titanfall has certainly started off on the right foot with its DLC announcement by confirming paid and free additions. Sure, we’re disappointed that new Titan types will not factor into the equation, but Respawn still seemingly has plenty of intriguing post-release content on the way.

What do you think of Titanfall‘s first DLC map pack, Expedition? Will you buy the pack?

Titanfall Expedition releases May 2014 for PC and Xbox One.



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